Edible Plants Shipped to Your Garden

Fruiting Plants

We specialize in Blueberry BushesAvocado, Mango, Olive, Barbados Cherry & Miracle Berry, with 80+ species of fruiting & edible plants available.

Edible Plants

From Moringa, known as the "Tree of Life", Cranberry Hibiscus & Sugar Cane to annuals like Lettuces, Celery, Tomatoes & Peppers.


Ginger Roots

Ginger Roots are used worldwide for their extensive medicinal properties. We sell edible, high quality rhizomes and rooted plants of Yellow Ginger and Turmeric.


Our History

Located in Howey-in-the-Hills, A Natural Farm & Educational Center is a family owned and operated farm specializing in Chemical Free Agriculture.

Founded in 2012 by Luc & Sonia Duytsche, the main focus on the farm is the production and selling of edible plants, fruit trees, fresh ginger roots, blueberries & blackberries. The secondary mission of the farm is offering free or low-cost educational classes for both children and adults on sustainable farming, gardening and plant production through hands-on workshops.

Born in France, with background degrees in horticulture and business, Luc Duytsche has worked 20+ years in the states perfecting natural, chemical free gardening here in Florida. Arriving as a student intern in 1992, Luc began his career with a large Lake County tree farm and by 1994, he returned with his family to call Florida home. Since then, Luc worked for several plant nurseries before opening his own farm & educational center.

Natural Growing Practices

Realizing the harmful effects that synthetic chemicals have on the farm's workers, our customer's health & our environment, A Natural Farm relies on a 100% chemical free approach to growing healthy, poison-free plants. This means no artificial fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides are ever used on the farm. Worm castings, composted turkey & horse manures, biological insecticides & fungicides, such as neem oil, are utilized.

The farm is has a steady foundation built upon Luc's years of experience, developing techniques to eliminate pests, control weeds & grow sustainably without the need of synthetic solutions. For example, the farm utilizes mats made of natural components in each plant's pot to limit the amount of weeds. In addition, the seeds we use are not genetically modified or altered in anyway, reminiscent of the vegetables from our grandmother’s garden. The farm grows their plants just as nature has intended and with the tools Mother Earth has provided.


With more people concerned with where their food is coming from & questioning how it is grown, modern farming operations are becoming obsolete. A naturalistic approach that cooperates with nature is needed to build an thriving & sustainable food production. Luc has dedicated himself & his farm to this type of practice and makes himself available to pass along this knowledge to others. Whether you are a family looking to start a healthy, cost-saving garden or a large agricultural operation seeking to regulate growing practices & increase responsibility, simply contact us below.



(352) 536-3112



23630 Florida 19
Howey-in-the-Hills FL 34737



Mon–Sat 10a–5p


Plant Sales/Festivals


We are done with all of our 2018 plant festivals and we thank all of our customers for visiting us. We will be ready soon for our upcoming 2019 festivals starting at the end of January with the Kumquat festival in Dade City.







On the Farm FREE Workshops/events

Friday November 30th & Saturday December 1st from 10 am to noon (the same classes will be held both days)

1) How to grow organic strawberries in Central Florida. Luc will show you how easy it is to grow tasty organic strawberries in the winter. He will show you where to plant them and how to take care of them. Many small plants will be available for sale.

2) How to grow and use organic moringa trees. Caitlin will present to you this incredible plant with so many nutritional values, show you how to grow it and how to use it fresh or dried for juices, smoothies, cooking and more. We will have free fresh juices available for you to enjoy.

3) How to trim/prune grapes. Luc will explain the techniques and show you in the field how to prune your grape vines in order to produce plenty of fruits in the summer. He will also let you try to prune some of our plants so that you know exactly how to do it at home.

You can sign up for the Friday classes by clicking on this link https://www.meetup.com/The-Central-Florida-Organic-Foodscaping-Meetup/events/256647808/

You can sign up for the Saturday classes by clicking on this link https://www.meetup.com/The-Central-Florida-Organic-Foodscaping-Meetup/events/256647978/

You can also call Luc at 352 536 3112 or email at anaturalfarm@gmail.com


To schedule an event, plant sale or educational seminar, please contact us.


 Visitors & Friends of A Natural Farm


Educational Center


To have healthy, happy people, it begins with healthy, happy plants.

A Natural Farm's mission is to help adults and children learn the foundations of farming and connect families to their food source.

With over 10+ years experience in farming, gardening & natural practices, it is the duty of A Natural Farm to supply our local community with the knowledge on creating and maintaining a lifelong garden. This means providing families with the proper education on how farms & edible gardens can operate naturally. We take pride in our growing practices, so much so, that our classes are free of charge and available to the public, classrooms, school field trips or just about anybody willing to learn and get their hands dirty!

Topics covered & discussed:

  • Chemical Free, Natural Gardening
  • Tips & Tools
  • Farm Production
  • Worm Castings
  • Plant Varieties & Identification
  • Medicinal Plants

On the Farm Workshops:

Learn to plant fruit trees, covering fertilization, watering & site selection for specific trees and edibles.

Visiting friends of the farm offer their knowledge on subjects like bee keeping, Yerba Mate or growing in raised beds.

Connect With Your Local Farmer

Call (352) 536–3112 or E-mail us directly here.
Our farm is open Monday through Saturday from 9 to 5. We are available for sales, educational seminars, consulting & general information on our growing practices.

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