Peach, Persimmon & Plum Workshop

Thank you to our friends from the Meet Up group and mailing list who attended our workshop and endured the coldest day of the season! It was a great opportunity to utilize our new green house to keep us all warm. We were able to put dormant persimmons and peaches in the soil and begin the foundation of our new fruit tree orchard. It will be a pleasure to watch it grow as we add more trees and other edible plants.

There was a lot of information that was relied, feel free to message us with any questions. The best part is always learning new ideas from those in attendance. We will be uploading our worksheets with planting information for Persimmons and Peaches soon. :)

Olive trees make a great gift for the Holidays

Olive trees are very cold hardy (14 degrees), evergreen, self-pollinating, wind & drought tolerant, do not get attacked by insects or diseases and best of all will give you black olives to pickel.

We have been growing them in Howey for 8 years now and our sizes range from $15 to $195 (1 foot tall to 9 feet tall). Here is a photo displaying 4 of the 6 sizes we currently grow and sell.

olivemix last.jpg