Organic Fertilizer with Trace Minerals & Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Organic Fertilizer with Trace Minerals & Mycorrhizal Fungi

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This is A Natural Farm's go-to for plant food. We offer this All Purpose fertilizer to all of our plants - in the ground and in containers. We have had the need to hand blend our own fertilizer formulas to incorporate the essential nutrients & trace minerals for our potted plants. Now we are offering our made-to-order fertilizer to our customers!

We are offering 3 pound bags & 25 pound buckets of this All Purpose 6-2-6 Fertilizer.
Three pound bags is sufficient for several potted plants over the course of the year.
A 25 pound bucket will supply a small garden and several fruit trees per year.


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How to use:
*This listing is for of made-to-order, general purpose granular fertilizer. We use this our fertilizer for our fruit trees, vegetables in containers and in the ground.

*For Fruit Trees: Use 1 pound at the time of planting and as a topdressing three times per year. As an example, for a 3 gallon fruit tree, use a pound of fertilizer in the planting hole when transplanting (this is one third of the three pound bag or several "hand fulls"). We recommend topdressing fruit trees 3 times per year (beginning of season, during wet season, 2 months prior to dormant season). For topdressing, use 1-3 pounds around the dripline of the tree, giving more fertilizer to older and established trees.

For Vegetables: Use a hand full per plant as a topdressing every 4 weeks in the growing season. A three pound bag should easily supply a few potted plants over the course of a year. One to Two handfuls of the fertilizer is plenty for one feeding. Feed any edible or ornamental plant

Store all fertilizer in a dry, dark area for long term shelf life.


Here are the stats:
**6 - 2 - 6 + Mycorrhizal Fertilizer is derived from: composted poultry manure, feather meal, sulfate of potash, 5% humates, mycorrhizal fungi, azomite, magnesium crystals

*The Mycorrhizal inoculate in the fertilizer encourages and boosts root growth through a symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant roots.
*Azomite & Magnesium Crystals are added to the mix to supplement trace minerals that our soils may be lacking.
*No weird, synthetic or conventional additives in this fertilizer!